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No Fuss funerals in Natural Burial Grounds, Long Barrows and other outdoor spaces for simple funeral ceremonies. […]
Some tips and creative ideas for simple funerals. Create ceremonies with creative flair and personality Creating an […]
Direct cremation is a type of cremation service that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and […]
Jess May’s Special Days Your very own Sparkly Human Ceremony Dream Catcher Hello Brighton! I’m Jess May […]
Funerals are for children if they want them to be. IF THEY WANT TO …YES! ABSOLUTELY! DEFINITELY! […]
If you ever felt that you didn’t belong or you just feel a little different, then you […]
& why I hate that saying I’ve set an image here of my first wedding after lockdown. […]

The next in my series of pondering on donated wedding photos

A Brummie Wedding to remember Hello everybody. The pandemic and its associated limitations have given me time, for the first time in my…