About Me!

let’s get to know each other

my ‘Get to know jess’ quiz

  • 5 things you could do without? Meat, High heels, Alexa (etc), dull people, formality
  • 5 things you can’t do without? My partner Mrinal, our 3 Burmese mad cats, laughter, Pilates, help from wise, kind people.
  • 5 Things you despise? Boris Johnson et al, raw peppers, recorder music, pompous people, bullies (see Boris Johnson)
  • 5 Things that delight you? The moon, The sea, animals, chocolate, bizarre, random human stories
  • 5 Core Values? Curiosity, Creativity, Courtesy, Humour, Emotional Honesty
  • 5 Things you secretly love but don’t shout about it? solitude, history documentaries, nail art bling, ‘nights in’
  • 5 Guilty, Shameful habits? Routinely killing house plants, people watching for entertainment, checking the progress of my wrinkles every morning as if it makes a difference, leaving stuff everywhere, forgetting people’s birthdays,
  • 5 Living Heroes? Esther Perel, Gabor Mate, David Attenborough, Jonathon Van Ness, Glennon Doyle, (and old ladies with kick ass style) …that is just for starters
  • 5 Things to relax? I don’t relax…cooking sometimes works, cafe crawls…erm…work in progress
  • 5 Secret Desires? Having my very own studio space that I never have to share! reading that pile of unread books, Visiting Granada, buying a beach hut, to have all of my living heroes to speak on my podcast

What Would they say at my funeral?

Inspiration pending…..!tbc