If you ever felt that you didn’t belong or you just feel a little different, then you […]
Affirming Celebrant
Recently I have been asking all of you, my perfect customers how you found me. Furthermore, if […]
wedding after lockdown
& why I hate that saying I’ve set an image here of my first wedding after lockdown. […]
writing a ceremony
Creating your Wedding Ceremony from scratch?! Get past the fear of the blank page with these tips […]
Christy & Stef
A Blog post about recent consultations on Marriage Law Reform and my personal Identity! I aim to […]
Singing Bowls
“We feel ‘Spiritually Married’. This was our Spiritual Ceremony” Jasmin & Luke‘s wedding ceremony I was really […]
How Ceremonies enable New Beginnings The central attraction for me about creating Ceremonies is the long enduring […]

Childhood Sweethearts, cage fighting and cats. Chelsey and Isis turned up on my doorstep when I ran an Airbnb. They fell in love with my…

SARAH AND KIERAN: A STORY OF TRIUMPH OVER ADVERSITY I have been asking my couples to write up their Love Story for us so that we can…

Mia and Ankit’s Christian/Jain Fusion extravaganza with rock salt candles, Saris, Ginger Parkin Bundt cake & Afternoon Tea. More images…