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So, You’re having a Ceremony?

  • You know what you DON’T want
  • You DON’T want bored guests!
  • You DON’T want ‘FORMAL’
  • You DON’T want a stranger telling your stories and getting it all wrong
  • You DON’T want a fuss but you want to do something
  • You don’t want to do this on your own and you don’t know where to start

Ceremonies are a pivotal point in your life story

You want to get that right!

As a fully accredited Celebrant with a decade of happy customers I can help you with that.

I’m Jess May, The Affirming Celebrant.

Welcome to Jess May’s Special Days.

Is this you?

“We want a ceremony and we want it to be really personal and not like your standard ceremony.

We don’t want ‘stuffy’ and we don’t want ‘formal.

We don’t know where to start, who to talk to or what to do.

We don’t want to do it alone.

We feel a bit overwhelmed.

There is either too much choice or no choice at all.

We wish we had someone who knew all about this stuff and understands who we are and where we’re at.

We don’t want to be forced to compromise or have a stranger conduct our ceremony.

We want our ceremony to be real and tell our stories, not something from a template”

“We chose Jess because we wanted our ceremony to not be a formality but an expression of our love.

She allowed us to be and free ourselves.

Jess gently encouraged us to express our truest feelings through our words and thoughts and crafted them to write our story with such delicate magic.

Jess’s work not only creates beautiful ceremonies but also beautiful friendships.”

What if it felt like this?

“We met over coffee with our Celebrant and she LISTENED.

We told her our story and we felt HEARD, she got to know us really well.

She knew exactly what to do and how and where to start.

We immediately felt calm and our anxiety went away.

She supported us from the beginning.

She was confident and experienced and could tell us that she knew it would all work out perfectly and would be EXACTLY right.

So the ‘overwhelm’ went away. She totally ‘got us’ and became a friend.

We loved our ceremony it was perfect for us and our families & we didn’t compromise once.” 

You can have what you DO want and you don’t have to do it on your own! Tell your own story your own way!

Double Award-Winning celebrant with a decade of experience

Independent celebrant

We asked her to travel to Wales, create natural and magical, spiritual but not religious, capture our whole relationship and promise us the sunshine!Jess and her lovely energy made our ceremony more wonderful than we could’ve ever imagined… even in the rain. There was not a dry eye in the barn!

Amy Pearl

Celebrant Services

Jess is smiling with Red hair and holding a folder. She is reading out one of the 5 Great Wedding Readings. in the foreground is a bride on the right side of the photo with lilac hair and a bouquet of lilac flowers. She is wearing a coronet and an off the shoulder ivory lace dress. Her Groom is to the left of the photo wearing a grey suit and a pale blue tie. Everyone is laughing. The setting is a Tudor Hall

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