A full spectrum of rainbow coloured light looking like a horizontal rainbow is streaming through a hole in a dry stone wall inside a long barrow

No Fuss funerals in Natural Burial Grounds, Long Barrows and other outdoor spaces for simple funeral ceremonies. Many of these images are courtesy of Sacred Stones….Copyright Sacred Stones Ltd

a No fuss funeral in a conical shaped dry stone structure, looking upwards. imagine that you are looking upwards to a circular apeture.

If you want a funeral in a natural setting you are not alone. As a Funeral Celebrant I am lucky enough to have amazing contacts in the arena of Death and Dying. Have a look at some of my recommendations for 5 outdoor spaces for your no-fuss funeral, funeral ceremony or memorial ceremony. I have some more information about my funeral ceremonies and No fuss funerals here: https://jessmaysspecialdays.com/funeral-celebrant/

lots of niches in a dry stone wall and lots of candles in the cavities of the walls. a coffin made from wicker is in the centre
A funeral ceremony inside the Long Barrow at Sacred Stones https://www.sacredstones.co.uk/our-locations/willow-row/. copyright Sacred Stones Ltd

No fuss funeral Ceremonies outdoors

A funeral ceremony outside with lilac and pink flowers in the foreground. there are several people standing in the back ground. they are mourners. the Long Barrow is behind them
An outdoors simple funeral ceremony at the Long Barrow led by Celebrant Rosalie Kyvenhoven. Copyright Sacred Stones Ltd

If you live in the UK you will spend a lot of time talking about the weather! A funeral ceremony outdoors in the UK is weather dependent. You need to make sure that you have a plan B for your no fuss funeral. All of the venues I’m showcasing here have sheltered spaces in case of inclement weather!

A great venue for a No fuss funeral. A meadow with white michaelmas daisies and red poppies

No fuss funerals at Clayton Woods Natural Burial Ground

Natural Burial Grounds are increasingly popular and this is a local one here in Sussex is beautiful and well worth a visit. Clayton Woods Natural Burial Ground offers a wonderful venue for a simple outdoors natural funeral. Here you can have funeral ceremonies for ashes interments or burials and even use their space for a memorial. The setting is stunning and tranquil and perfect for a celebration of a life lived in a natural environment or for a person with environmental concerns.

Clayton Woods Natural Burial Ground is set in rolling hills of West Sussex and the wonderfully kind and attentive Tess and all the staff are lovely.

A beautiful meadow with picnic benches. This is a natural burial ground in West Sussex

No fuss funeral ceremonies at Soulton Long Barrow

Soulton Long Barrow recently featured on my Podcast ‘What DON’T we want?’ and I am so excited to share it with you alongside it’s sister Willow Long Barrow


The internal space at a long barrow, the niches are lit up and there are about 100 niches. the chairs are arranged in a circular form. the coffin is wicker and central, a stained glass window is ahead.

Why choose a Long Barrow for your No fuss simple outdoor funeral ceremony? A Long Barrow is a unique creation which is based on the ancient designs of Neo-lithic structures for burial rites. They simply echo the designs of that time rather than try to exactly replicate them. They have little niches within them for you to place the ashes of your people and every Midsummer the sun sets through an exact space in the structure to illuminate an exquisite mobile made by a renowned artist. It creates a magical colourful space with a true sense of place and time.

one of the Barrows from a distance with a moody sky and a tree and a green field
No fuss funerals work really well outdoors. Here is an amazing photo of one of the Long Barrows from a distance. Copyright Sacred Stones Ltd.

Sacred Stones is the name of the business who create these uniquely beautiful spaces and they have the barrows created by local craftspeople and stonemasons. There is a natural beauty and aesthetic appeal that is timeless and evocative and is described by the creators as an ‘echo’ of memorial spaces throughout the ages. This one is in Shropshire.

Simple funeral gathering in a green space outside the barrow
No fuss, simple funerals can take place anywhere and can be small and intimate. This is outside a Long Barrow. Copyright Sacred Stones Ltd

No fuss funerals at Willow Row Long Barrow

A sister site to the Soulton Long Barrow this is an equally wonderful structure in the same form.

You can find out more about this venue here https://www.sacredstones.co.uk/our-locations/willow-row/. This one is in Cambridgeshire. Toby Angel, a co-founder is a fascinating and passionate professional. He can tell you all about the barrow and the origins and concept of their unique offering. It is so important to make sure that the people you work with serve you with a personal, compassionate service.

A white man and a white woman speaking at a no fuss funeral ceremony. The man has his hands in his pockets and is on the left as you look at the image. he has dark hair, the woman is in a red and white striped top with blonde long hair. There are niches with candles in behind them/
Shelter is important at an outdoors funeral venue, it is also important to have an inspriing space. Make sure that you have a plan B. Copyright Sacred Stones Ltd

No fuss funerals and simple burials at Westall Park Natural Burial Ground

Westall Park Natural Burial Ground

I have done many glorious outdoors funerals at Westall where they have a beautiful gazebo which is a simple wooden structure. There is great parking and vehicular access for hearses and guests and they are really flexible. If you want to have a picnic or flasks of tea to keep you warm you can. I can’t tell you how dedicated Dan and Emma are and how they welcome you and bend over backwards to make sure that you get what you need. I can’t reccomend them more heartily and I miss them a little!

No fuss funeral with ashes at The Secret Garden, Kemptown

The Secret Garden in Kemptown https://www.secretgardenkemptown.co.uk/ here in Brighton in West Sussex really is a place that people want to keep secret! A local treasure in the heart of Brighton. It offers a truly beautiful low key community garden which often features fabulous artists and sculptors who display there work as exhibitors.

There is a gorgeous little cafe serving delightful home bakes and a simple shelter from the rain. The people who run it are volunteers and local people from Brighton Communities and they can’t do enough to help. This is a perfect place to go to commemorate a person who has had a Direct Cremation. Surround yourselves with a tranquil English garden, have afternoon tea support and celebrate your local community. This is ideal for a person who has had a passion for local community and the arts or for someone who loved gardens.

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