Direct cremation is a type of cremation service that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and […]
Jess is siting down with her legs crossed smiling at the camera. Behind her are lots of brightly coloured religious icon images. There is a buddha statue and a banner with Khali. She has her hands crossed and her hair is like multicoloured rainbow. She looks happy and confident
I have a vocation to Create Ceremonies that will never be put in a box to gather […]
couple at a woodland wedding having a confetti shot
Jess May’s Special Days Your very own Sparkly Human Ceremony Dream Catcher Hello Brighton! I’m Jess May […]
line drawing of two brides
Not just rainbows & how people incorporate it at weddings. I have lost count of the amount […]
A Direct Cremation does not involve a funeral. This is a white piece of seeded paper with hand written words about the question 'what makes a good funeral" the person has written 'Celebratory', 'Warm', 'Reflective of the person'
Direct Cremations, what are the pros and cons? Direct Cremations, what are the pros and cons? Direct […]
Jess is in a Chocolate shop choosing chocolates and picking them out with tongs. Behind her is a RELAX sign on a white wall. she is wearing a black leather jacket and has orange, pink and blue rainbow hair
Do you have Wedding Day Anxiety? Pre-wedding nerves are normal. Book a Wedding Celebrant to help you […]
Jess is smiling with Red hair and holding a folder. She is reading out one of the 5 Great Wedding Readings. in the foreground is a bride on the right side of the photo with lilac hair and a bouquet of lilac flowers. She is wearing a coronet and an off the shoulder ivory lace dress. Her Groom is to the left of the photo wearing a grey suit and a pale blue tie. Everyone is laughing. The setting is a Tudor Hall
5 Great Wedding Readings chosen by Wedding Celebrant Jess May Welcome! I thought it would be helpful […]
a woman in a burgundy suit and short brown hair is gazing adoringly at her bride who is wearing a blush pink glittery dress and looks like Audrey Hepburn. behind them is a weir, with water cascading
Sara & Abiah’s happy marriage ceremony at The Westmill, Derby Queer Affirming Celebrant at a unique […]
teddy leaning up against an urn with a sunset on it
Funerals are for children if they want them to be. IF THEY WANT TO …YES! ABSOLUTELY! DEFINITELY! […]
line drawing of a left and right hand with a ring being placed on the left hand
Some thoughts inspired by Esther Perel’s LIVE video about wedding traditions and the way in which they […]