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when you

don’t know what you don’t know?

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We don’t know where to start!”

If this is you, please know that you are not alone.

You need to know WHAT’S ALLOWED

You need to give yourself permission to do what YOU NEED

You need a skilled, knowledgable professional to work with you to help you work out what you need and make it happen.

I have TEN YEARS of experience and expertise. Trust me when I say that working out what you DON’T want is where you need to start. 

Do you want to know what you CAN have?

Would you love to see your own vision take shape?

We Know what we

DON’T want

So, you know what you DON’T want!

Now it will be easy to work out what you do want.

Usually it is the opposite of the thing you don’t want!

Don’t want formality?…Choose informal and relaxed

Don’t want black? Choose colour

and so on….


We don’t want to do ‘Nothing’

We don’t want ‘The Crem’

We don’t want a ‘fuss’

We don’t want ‘The Curtain’

We don’t want ‘Depressing’

here’s what we

DO want

We want to ‘say gooodbye’

We want to to give them a ‘good send off’

We want to to ‘do them proud’

We want it to be ‘very them’

We want it to be joyous  


The main reason is that it makes


Ceremonies for Direct Cremation?


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iDirect Cremations take place when the body of the person who has died is taken to the crematorium unattended by mourners. This happens for a variety of reasons. Some chosen and some not.

I often hear people say the following;

She died During Lockdown

We couldn’t visit him when he was dying

We couldn’t attend the funeral because of Covid Restrictions

We had a Direct Cremation but it felt strange not saying goodbye

iI feels ‘unf-inshed’

We still have their ashes but we don’t know what to do with them

The Coroner’s Report got held up with the ‘backlog’ and so we don’t have the body and we can’t wait any longer

They left strict instructions to ‘not make a fuss’ and wanted a Direct Cremation, but we NEED TO DO SOMETHING

They left their body to Medical Science, so we don’t have their body.

We decided not to go to the Crem as it wasn’t for us but we want to do something special without their body

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Cremation? What’s that?

A Direct Cremation is a way of disposing of a person’s body at a Crematorium without anybody present

It’s been 3 years, is it too late?

it is never too late

Can we have a funeral ceremony withoutut their body?

Yes you can have a ceremony with their ashes instead or even without their ashes

Direct Cremation Story

Join Jess & Jack as they discuss his experience of his Nan’s decision to choose a Direct Cremation