A Direct Cremation does not involve a funeral. This is a white piece of seeded paper with hand written words about the question 'what makes a good funeral" the person has written 'Celebratory', 'Warm', 'Reflective of the person'

Direct Cremations, what are the pros and cons?

What are the 'pros' and 'cons' of a Direct Cremation? This is a white piece of paper with black hand writing answering the question 'what is a good funeral'

Direct Cremations, what are the pros and cons?

Direct Cremations, what are the pros and cons? What are Direct Cremations? The ‘pros’ and ‘cons’, this makes a very complex issue sound very simple. The fact is that Direct cremations are not ‘good or bad’ and it is important to avoid attaching moral judgment to them, even though they might feel counter-intuitive. Read more to learn more

Direct Cremations? What are they and why are they on the rise?

This is a seeded eco-friendly card with a hole punched into it and a raffia ribbon. It is a hand written message saying 'what is a good funeral'. This person has said 'personal', 'pre-planned', 'appropriate for the person who has died'
A Direct Cremation can seem like it isn’t really a good funeral. But it really doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

What is a Direct Cremation?

So, what is a Direct Cremation and why do we need to know about them? Are there ‘pros’ and ‘cons’? how can we make the mosts of them and are there any advantages to ‘no-fuss funerals’? When a dead body is taken to be cremated with nobody present it is called a Direct Cremation.

So, what are the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’? Direct Cremations are increasingly popular. This is because a Direct Cremation is cheaper than a traditional Funeral and a lot of people decide in advance of their death that they want to protect their families from expense and effort that they consider unnecessary. So saving money and effort are two of the perceived ‘pros’ of Direct Cremations. You can find out about them at local Brighton -based Funeral Director The Modern Funeral by following this link. https://www.themodernfuneral.com/our-services-and-prices/

If someone has a Direct Cremation does it mean they can’t have a funeral ceremony?

A Direct Cremation does not have to be 'all or nothing' This is an image of Two Mexican 'Day of the Dead' mugs which are skull shaped with illustrations of Day of the Dead make up. one is turquoise and one is electric blue. they are on a blue floral patterned vinyl table cloth. the mugs have hot chocolate in them
Direct Cremations don’t mean having ‘nothing’. Doing your own thing is really important even if it is a simple casual get together . Get creative with your use of spaces and ideas.

Are Direct Cremations a Good thing? Tell us some of the ‘cons’

It depends upon who you ask as to whether Direct Cremations are considered a good or a bad idea. Because I create ceremonies as a Funeral Celebrant and I do this because I know the power of ceremony to heal people, I believe that funeral ceremonies matter. But Direct Cremations in themselves are neither good nor bad. They are just a fact, sometimes people choose them, other times you will have no choice and have to make the best of the situation. For example, if someone has chosen to leave their bodies to medical science or the coroner’s report and inquest is taking a long time you might have to do something without the body of the person who has died.

Direct Cremations can free us up for more creative ceremonies. This is an image of Jess on a beach with a summer parasol. The sun is shining. the parasol is orange, green, blue and yellow. She has pink hair and is looking thoughtul. it is an example of how dead does not have to be sombre and grieving does not need to involve sad faces or bodies and coffins
Direct Cremations can free you up to have ceremonies in different places, on the beach for example.

They are not good or bad, Direct Cremations are just a fact. However, there are a few ‘cons’

Direct Cremations are not good or bad and they are popular. What is important in my opinion is that some kind of ceremony still happens for people. Our creative response to Direct Cremations is what matters and not the fact of Direct Cremations in and of themselves. Many satisfied clients for whom Direct Cremation has been their choice and their preference have told me how helpful it was to avoid going to the crematorium. Those clients still had ceremonies with a Funeral Celebrant afterwards, sometimes with the ashes of the person present and sometimes not. What I continue to believe is that doing SOMETHING is really important for healing. One of the ‘cons’ of Direct Cremations is it can lead to people having no ritual or ceremony at all and being left with unfinished business.

Direct Cremations. The pros and cons. Beautiful spaces for funerals are really helpful for many people who are choosing Direct Cremations. this is a Funeral Home or Funeral Director it is a white space with long shadows and plants. it has white tables and black chairs and looks like a gallery. It can be used for ceremonies for people where only the ashes of the person are present

Whilst it used to concern me that people had funerals without the bodies of their loved ones present but I have come to see it differently. What matters here isn’t that we make judgements about who has a Direct Cremation or why. When there is little money available for a funeral ceremony and a Direct Cremation is cheaper than a traditional full funeral, it makes sense that people will choose them. It isn’t my place to judge those decisions. Occasionally people have been traumatised in childhood by experiences at Crematoria they obviously don’t want to visit crematoria ever again. For those individuals having Direct Cremations also make sense.

Direct Cremations, the 'pros' and 'cons'. Outdoors ceremony. A young boy in a blue shirt and waistcoat with a young girl in the background wearing a blue dress.a wigwam of poles with ribbons like an arbour is in the background. Jess is just out of shot
Involving children in surprising spaces can be really helpful and a Direct Cremation can allow you creative freedom. Read more about involving children at funerals here: https://jessmaysspecialdays.com/if-children-say-they-want-to-watch-the-queens-funeral-should-we-let-them/

For more information about the importance and role of ritual you can look at this blog about funeral ritual https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/media-spotlight/201403/can-rituals-help-us-deal-grief.

What are the cons of Direct Cremations?

Direct Cremations can feel impersonal, some times we can feel sad that our person has made their ‘final journey’ alone. We can feel that we have abandoned them and psychologically that feels really hard. Many people will say that it felt ‘unfinished’ that because the body wasn’t present and there was no coffin or burial or ‘curtain’ it didn’t feel real. Not having a ‘proper funeral’ is another concern and many people feel very uncomfortable about this. If a person has specified that you should ‘not make a fuss’, but perhaps you would like to ‘make a fuss’ you might feel that you can’t win because you don’t want to not do anything and would like to do ‘something’ but feel you are ‘not allowed’.

A photo of a 'book barge' in London. It is a canal boat with pots and lanterns with a London Scene behind. it is an example of how we can create meaningful ceremonies without the body of the person who died being present. Direct Cremations can be really creative.
If someone in your life has died and has had a Direct Cremation think about their favourite place and have a funeral ceremony there with their ashes.

The good news is that there is something in between ‘something’ and ‘nothing. That is where I come in. Specialising in creating bespoke, personal ceremonies for people who want ‘something’ but they don’t want a fuss, I’m able to help you. Have you found yourself wondering what to do because someone in your life has had a Direct Cremation? Please call me for a Discovery Call here: https://calendly.com/jessmaysspecialdays/discovery-call-with-jess-may

I am always happy to share all that I know about No-fuss funerals.

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