“So, How did you get into this?”

Everybody’s first question 

In 2013 the phone rang, it was my niece. “Jess, we’re having a wedding. It has to be you that does it!” So, I went and trained at The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in Hebden Bridge. I did my first wedding on The Portuguese Algarve Coast overlooking sea. I never looked back! Although I did go back and do another wedding there a few years later.

My story?

Like everyone else, I’ve done lots of different things, but they all broadly involve the things I do best. Creativity, communication, listening, & enabling.

​For the past 10 years I have been working in an Arts venue in Central Birmingham in a very diverse cultural context. I have a Theology Degree, with a focus on Contemporary Spirituality, creative enabling for a Neurodiverse theatre, Communication Support, British Sign Language and a huge love of people…mainly!​

If you want more detail, give me a call…