What is a ‘Celebrant’

You’re what, sorry?!
I said “I’m a celebrant”

Choosing to work with a Celebrant for your ceremony will start conversations….I’ve been having them for six years, and they go like this…I have to repeat myself A LOT..

“Is it a ‘Proper Wedding’?”​

It all depends upon what a ‘Proper Wedding’ means to you. Usually it means ‘The Real Thing”, which means different things to different people. If you are asking if it is a ‘legal’ ceremony, or a Church wedding, then it isn’t that, although the legal part is usually completed anyway before the day. So in a sense it is already ‘proper’. If you are asking about emotional significance, transformation, transition new beginnings, meaning, healing… and public declaration…absolutely. For my families their back-garden Wedding Ceremony IS The Proper Wedding. Rarely does anything feel so ‘REAL’.

“Oh, that’s a lot more expensive though…it’s an awful lot for someone to just come and stand there and say the vows, they’re only there for half an hour! I suppose I just thought it would cost about £200. I wish I earned that much for an hours work….” I could do that! Your Auntie Margaret reads in Church, can’t she do it instead?”

If someone says this to you, ask this question in return: “Why do you think that?”

But the simple answer to “it seems an awful lot!” is that it takes a lot more than standing ‘at the front’ for half an hour….20 hours of work, excluding travel, in fact.

“I’ve never heard of it before, what was it again? Celebrant…? What does that mean?”

“‘Celebrant’, it means someone who ‘Celebrates’, it isn’t a very helpful title really, but no one has thought of anything better…”

So, it’s like a Wedding Planner? an Event Planner…organising the whole thing, flowers, cakes and all that?

No, a Celebrant only works on the Ceremony or ‘Service’ and no other aspect of the Wedding.

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